Rashid has written numerous articles on the value of a life coach, peak performance, effective communication, emotional fitness, positive psychology and press release entries as well.  Lately he took his notes a step further and finally wrote his new release, power packed book about the valuable inner qualities that we all possess yet, we squander our opportunities to elevate what is so profoundly the most precious gift we could have and that is imagination.  One's imagination is the catalyst to innovation and creativity... or the other way around.  Either way, we are created to be the leaders in the universe of breakthroughs and calculated surprises.  It is our ability to imagine what is the best product to advance our technology into the next era or even the next milineum.  We need to tap into the dormant layers of our creativity and unlock the potential that has a direct link to pursue optimum performance in the best way.  Then we will connect with the "genius blend" which ultimately is what activates our expert status.  With the right stimulus we can exercise what is now known as the expert space for high achievement.  Join us on this adventure.

BOOKS:  EBook. on Amazon Kindle "MENTOR" @  http://amzn.to/29GBKzp

BOOKS: EBook on Amazon Kindle "INSPIRE" @  http://amzn.to/29Bs2LX

I recently wrote and published the soon to be best seller, "8 Ways To Be 10 X Better." 

Get your copy today.  2nd Edition PUBLISHED 1 June 2013 - www.8ways2be10xbetter.info

For frequent online training updates etc, go to: www.facebook.com/8waystobe10xbetter   thanks for all who support my mission.  It's our mission!  It's not about us, It's BIGGER than US!

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8 Ways to be 10x Better

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In this book, Readers will learn how to:

- Identify their limitations and overcome them.

- Develop an attitude of achievement with passion

- Understand the past motivation methods vs. advanced modeling principles

- How to build trust and establish credibility with your team

- Effectively communicate without fear with precision and humility

- Learn how to use life management tools like an expert

- Raise your level of certainty to absolute mastery of your craft

- How to compete and win in today's online and offline entrepreneurial space

Outstanding read for anyone that is looking to take their life and business to the highest level!

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