Rashid Hill, The Leader of a new generation of Strategic Life Coaches and Empowerment Experts

Rashid Hill is an example of how anyone can say enough is enough and go to work on achieving a successful life and help others achieve the same.  Rashid has overcome many obstacles…the separation from his children after a terrible divorce that seemed to last for over 7 years.  Having his dreams shattered of being an Olympic athlete as a leading long jumper for the US Air Force while being stationed in the UK.  Yet, most of all it was after he had a serious accident in 2004. 

 Rashid was blessed to receive a wake up call while driving to work one day in Qatar.  His second chance came when he, as any normal morning was up early and stopped to pick up some breakfast buns for the guys at work.  As he drove toward the big traffic circle on Salwa road, he always looked right and left many times to ensure it is clear to go.  So with all the morning traffic he jumps out there and moves along the side with the traffic, he begins to accelerate and out of the rear view mirror he sees a truck coming really fast.  This is normal yet, it just didn’t feel right to him this time.  As he exits the traffic circle the truck made an attempt to come around from the right back side speedily to the left lane for passing.  While in the car he said he could see the truck bounce off the curb and was coming toward him.  “It was like slow motion to be watching the truck coming and coming until you brace for impact… “WHAM” he hit my front left tire I begin to spin out of control", says  Rashid.  He feels something smash him in the face and out of the corner of his eye he sees the truck flipping over and over in the median filled with dirt.  Finally he slams against something and is stopped.  He then explains, "I sit there in unbelief yet, relieved to be alive.  I just thought what is happening to me… to my surprise I went to get out of the car and check myself over, looked up and down and I was ok."  People kept telling him to sit down so he walked over to the curb in front of the car and noticed that the car was dramatically stopped from diving over this steep cliff by a single metal railing.  He thanked God for this chance and sat down. He then thought, "why am I ok, no injuries?" "There must be some reason, I'm still here."  In the days following he started to feel lots of pain and so he would lay in the bed and on the couch pondering "what is my mission, my purpose?  I was in a serious accident and no serious injury?"  He knew he must live and discover his purpose and he would work harder at helping people live life fully - at their best because you never know what will be the final moment.  Especially treating those less fortunate with the utmost compassion.  He would encourage others to look after their subordinates as equals and make sure they have enough provisions to live well while they were working under their supervision.  "This was and has always been my commitment since I was in Doha Qatar.” says Rashid.

Rashid overcame those obstacles and has been leading and improving lives every since.  After leaving Doha Qatar he spent some time in the US and then headed back over to the Middle East in 2005 to work for the federal government in Kuwait.  He has coordinated high level staff events and shared the stage with other high ranking speakers during special functions.  As an entrepreneur he has spoken extensively on local and international stages conducting keynote speeches for the company as well as team building and leadership training for his team members.  Partnering with his wife, they collectively built a team of over 800 leaders across 3 countries and had incredible levels of success opening new offices to support their local members. 

Rashid has written a number of articles on online marketing, leadership and empowerment, coaching and logistics consulting and published them online in various outlets.  He has also created numerous websites from idea to operational across the world-wide-web for self improvement, personal and professional development, personal blogs, online marketing and strategic life and career coaching. His most valued publication is his new book release, "8 Ways To Be 10 X Better".  Now to be followed up by his e-newsletter titled the "Rashid Reel".

Rashid Hill has established himself as a dynamic life coach with a strategic intervention focus including emotional intelligence and strength science.  He has been invited to be on panels at networking events throughout NE Texas to promote his book re-launch and published ebooks. Additionally he has created a training website where you can see various ways to ensure the learning experience continues after reading his book.  He continues to collaborate on upcoming webinars, seminars and many other products for dynamic growth around the brand. 

Rashid enjoys the company of his wife and their young sons in their San Diego home.  The founder of L3 Coaching Solutions, author of 8 Ways to be 10x Better, creator of the transformational H.E.R.O Coaching Model and the Veteran Entrepreneur Support & Success group he is poised for explosive take-off.

If you would like to enhance your corporate events, special occasions or even school functions with the right speaker that delivers the right balance of inspiration, intelligence and excitement you should contact Rashid at his office email L3 MediaLink - Thank you

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